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Reservoir Monitoring

Trophic state indices of reservoirs around Taiwan


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Lienchiang Kinmen Penghu Te-Chi Reservoir : Mesotrophic 44 Nan-Hua Reservoir : Mesotrophic 49 Ching-Mien Reservoir : Eutrophic 56 Wu-Shan-Tou Reservoir : Eutrophic 52 Pai-Ho Reservoir : Eutrophic 55 Mu-Tan Reservoir : Eutrophic 53 頭社水庫 Jih-Yueh-Tan Reservoir : Mesotrophic 46 Wu-She Reservoir : Mesotrophic 41 Yung-Ho-Shan Reservoir : Mesotrophic 48 Feng-Shan Reservoir : Eutrophic 74 Cheng-Ching-Hu Reservoir : Eutrophic 59 A-Kung-Tien Reservoir : Eutrophic 53 Li-Yu-Tan Reservoir : Eutrophic 55 Ming-Te Reservoir : Eutrophic 59 Shih-Men Reservoir : Eutrophic 65 寶二水庫 大埔水庫 Hushan reservoir : Mesotrophic 40 Fei-Tsui Reservoir : Mesotrophic 41 西勢水庫 Hsin-Shan Reservoir : Eutrophic 56 Tseng-Wen Reservoir : Mesotrophic 49 Jen-Yi-Tan Reservoir : Mesotrophic 46 Lan-Tan Reservoir : Mesotrophic 48 Pao-Shan Reservoir : Eutrophic 53 東湧 秋桂山 后沃 儲水沃上霸 儲水沃下霸 津沙一號壩 津沙 勝利 坂里 菱湖 山西 田浦 蓮湖 金湖 太湖 榮湖 金沙 蘭湖 擎天 西湖 小池水庫 七美水庫 西安水庫 興仁水庫 東衛水庫 成功水庫

Statistics Time : Sep, 2022

The monitoring frequency of reservoirs is

once every quarter

Rankings of eutrophic reservoirs

26 reservoirs around Taiwan are monitored, 20 of which are important sources of domestic water supply, including Hsin-Shan, Fei-Tsui, Shih-Men, Pao-Shan, Yung-Ho-Shan, Ming-Te, Li-Yu-Tan, Te-Chi, Wu-She, Jih-Yueh-Tan, Lan-Tan, Jen-Yi-Tan, Pai-Ho, Tseng-Wen, Wu-Shan-Tou, Nan-Hua, Ching-Mien, Cheng-Ching-Hu, Feng-Shan, and Mu-Tan Reservoirs. The other six reservoirs, including Hsi-Shih, Pao-Shan II, Ta-Pu, Tou-She, Hushan, and A-Kung-Tien Reservoirs, have smaller storage areas and mainly provide water for industrial or agricultural purposes. Thus, they are considered secondary reservoirs.

Feng-Shan Reservoir
Shih-Men Reservoir
Cheng-Ching-Hu Reservoir

Statistics Time : Sep, 2022

Hsin-Shan Reservoir - Water pollution information

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