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Wu River latest monitoring information (10/2020) total are 19 records
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River Name Station Name RPIDO(Electrode)BOD5SSNH3-N
Fazih RiverDonghi Bridge1.
Gichen Bridge2.
Han RiverGuogwon Bridge2.
Shuwan Bridge2.
Chenho Bridge1.08.81.811.10.29
Beigang RiverCingliu Bridge1.
Wu RiverDali Bridge3.57.96.918.31.24
Jhongjheng Bridge1.
Sinan Bridge3.37.04.746.31.24
Pinlin Bridge2.08.22.323.70.56
Limin Bridge1.58.22.529.10.39
Ailan Bridge1.
Fongia Bridge2.
Beisan Bridge2.
Gandzulin Bridge1.
Chenfon Bridge1.08.1<
Wu River Bridge1.08.21.513.80.05
Dadu Bridge4.56.44.751.11.97
Note: If there has"<"appeared in data that means this monitoring value is less than Method detection limit (MDL)


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